Courses Taught

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Organizational Behavior

Provides an overview of the actions and behaviors of people in organizations. Uses case studies, experiential exercises, and discussions to explore the effects of individual, interpersonal, group, organizational, and cross-cultural factors on attitudes and behavior at work. Topics include job performance, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, motivation, stress, ethics, organizational justice, groups and teams, leadership, power & influence, organizational culture, and structure.


NegotiatiNG In Business

A course about resolving differences between interdependent parties regarding their (often) conflicting goals and interests. An experiential course where students have the opportunity to learn the principles, tactics, and strategies of negotiation by practicing with a series of simulations that cover distributive and integrative bargaining, group negotiation, multi-party negotiation, virtual negotiation, negotiating on behalf of others, and dispute resolution. 


Managing People & Organizations

Examines today’s evolving environment, in which effective utilization of human resources is a source of competitive advantage. To maximize the contribution of organizational members, managers must be able to understand, diagnose, and influence workplace behavior in the context of change. Topics include management of cross-functional teams and boundaryless organizations. Emphasis is on the role of corporate culture and distributed leadership..